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Britain is an island or more correctly a group of islands. This often meant finding a way to travel across water to get from one place to another more easily. No wonder that boats and ships became a must. Building ships, caring for them, sailing them and travelling in them provided work for many British people over hundreds of years. Britain became one of the best seafaring Nations of the world. Many amusing, fantastic and interesting stories surround this - even in my own family's history. The Hoad Family Ship Building Industry at Rye in Kent Relatives working at Sheerness Dockyard in Kent and the Great Harbour, Greenock, Scotland. You do not have to be a total fan of sea-monsters, rediscovered ship wrecks, storms, boats and ship building to enjoy them.
In Kooperation mit der Stadtbücherei Hersbruck

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Do. 08.11.2018 19:00 - 20:30 Uhr Am Schloßplatz 4a Hersbruck, Stadthaus, Gästesaal



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